• Chamba Valley Trekking

Chamba Valley Trekking

5 Days Trek Mcleodganj To Chamba valley over INDERHARA PASS


Duration: 5 days
Time: May to November
Average walking time: 5 to 8 hours


Day 1 Mcleodganj - Triund (8KM)

Mcleodganj to Triund is a 8 k.m. gradual trek which press through Dharamkot and Galu Devi temple. The trek from Dal Lake, Dharamkot Bhagsu village meet at a rildge known as Galu Devi temple (2130 mt). There is a small forest bungalow at Triund. Triund is a famous spot for bi bird watchers. The water source is about kilometre below Triund ridge tot to the other side and the route is danger.

Day 2 Triund - Lahesh Cave (6KM)

This is a beaten trek frequented by shepherds trekkers and local people The trek climbs up to the left of the Triund rest house along a slippery and rocky path thorough oak and tosh trees. Ilaka got (3350) is below Indraha Indrahara pass. There are few shepherds huts at this place There is a big glacier about 1 k.m. from Ilaka got towards Indrahare pass. After little climbing there is cave in this cave seven to ten people can sleep easily. This camping place makes next day easier towards Indrahara pass.

Day 3 Lahesh Cave - Chhata Parao (9KM)

The trek to the pass is long and goe over soft snow and a number of icy s stream covered with soft and hard snow. The mountain ridges are free of s snow during July, August, September and October. Indrahara pass is access accessible from May till November subject to snow conditions. During the summer month needs proper climbing equipment.

Day 4 Chhata Parao - Kwarsi

During May and June this trek can face great difficulty specially while walking on the glacier or when climbing a steep and narrow trek along a loose boulder slope to the right. Kwarsi is a beautiful village perched on a steep slope and surrounded by thickly pine trees and lush green field There is a Shiva temple.

Day 5 Kwarsi to Lamu and Choli Village (12KM)

Lohardi is a small village located on both sides of lamdug rivers. Night stay in tents.

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