• Manimahesh Trekking

Manimahesh Trekking

This trip has everything. Like ancient temples of great archaeological importance dating back to 6th ,8th , 10th and 12th century , life styles of semi nomadic Gaddi shepherds , spectacular views of mountain peaks , terraced fields with tiny villages clinging to the sheer valley , thrills of driving along Ravi River and trekking along water springs and through thick deodar forest. Sacred Manimahesh lake is located 35 kms from Bharmour , the capital of erstwhile State of Chamba state between 6th – 10th centuries. This is home of the semi nomadic Gaddi tribe who spend the summer on alpine pastures grazing their sheep and goats.


Duration: 7 days
Maximum altitude : 4070 meters
Time: 1st June to 15th October
Average walking time: 5 to 8 hours


Day 1 Mcleodganj Dharamsala

Reception at Delhi Airport/Railway station and drive to Mcleodganj, Dharamsala.

Day 2 Chamba

Sight seeing in and around Mcleodganj then drive to Chamba. Night stay in Chamba.

Day 3 Bharmaur

Three hours drive along River Ravi to Bharmour. Visit to Chaurasi temples devoted to lord Shiva , short aclimatization trek to Bharmani temple. Night stay in guest house.

Day 4 Dhanchho

Five to six hours , mild to moderate trek along water springs and thick deodar forest. Night stay in tents near beautiful waterfall.

Day 5 Manimahesh Lake

Approx nine hours trek. We climb uphill , steep ascent to Manimahesh Lake and back to Hadsar. Night stay in tents.

Day 6 Khajjiar

After a visit to village Chatradi , 6th century old temple of Goddess Shakti and sight seeing in Chamba , we reach Khajjiar. Its ringed by pine trees with a pond in middle. Day 7 to Delhi

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